Everything you will need to know about when and where.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

We close 12:00 – 1:00 pm daily for lunch. General questions regarding appointments, refills and questions for the nurse should be made during regular office hours.

Not Accepting New Patients

At this time, we are not accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment or contact the nurse, please email

Limited Saturday Appointments Available

The after hours number is for urgent medical issues only.

After hour phone calls are $25.00 for the 1st 15 minutes and then $1.00 a minute thereafter. This is due by you and will not be billed to your insurance carrier.

(469) 902-0020 / Fax: (469) 902-0021

Phone calls and questions?

We employ specifically trained staff who will help you by telephone in an effort to increase availability and provide medical service.

  1. To contact us for questions regarding your child's neurological problems please call (469) 902-0020 and follow the prompts to the nurse line.
  2. You must leave a detailed message and your child's chart will be pulled.
  3. The staff will review your questions with the doctor and call you back.

Caller ID/Call Block

If you have caller ID and Call Block on your home phone our doctors/nurses will be unable to return your call. Please disable features anytime you are expecting a return call from our office.

Billing Questions

Please call (469) 902-0020.

Office Location

We are located in the LBJ Tower

8390 LBJ Freeway 10th floor, Dallas, Texas 75243
(469) 902-0020